Dr. Justin Steinhauser is a gentle, caring and highly experienced chiropractor. He has kept up to date on many continuing education classes, ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced chiropractic care.

Dr. Steinhauser uses the Pro-Adjuster Technology, a specific computerized Analysis and Treatment of the spine and surrounding soft tissues. He also uses a variety of hands on “manual” adjusting techniques depending on the patients needs, along with Spinal Decompression Traction for chronic back pain, herniated or bulging discs.

Dr. Steinhauser takes full spine x-rays to give a detailed map of the patients spine so they receive the best care possible.

“To see is to know ~ to not see is to guess”

Dr. Steinhauser does a full spine Postural Analysis to see potential complications and has an active rehabilitation area where he can work on the correction of posture and spinal structures so his patients get quicker results and stay better longer. He also uses low level cold laser therapy to accelerate the healing process.

Dr. Steinhauser chose chiropractic because of a personal experience. He was injured in high school and was told by MD’s and PT’s that he would never compete in athletics ever again. He went to a chiropractor and 7 weeks later he not only competed but won the tournament. Several other experiences also led him down the path to become a chiropractor. He grew up suffering from Migraine headaches that would knock him out for 2-3 days at a time. He was medicated and still was getting 2-4 severe migraines every month. He started going to a chiropractor and the migraines disappeared. He hasn’t had a migraine headache in over 20 years.


  • Kearney High School
  • University of Nebraska at Lincoln
  • Palmer College of Chiropractic

Professional Experience:

  • Palmer College Clinic Abroad Trip to Bolivia
  • Associate Chiropractor prior to opening my own practice
  • Private practice since 2006

Specialized Skills:

  • Pro-Adjuster
  • Advanced Gonstead

Profession Memberships:

  • Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association