“I go into businesses often like most people do. Most of the time I’m busy, running errands, thinking about my work day or family and don’t give much thought to the people I come in contact with. But I’m hear you tell you there is something very different about this place! Something I always notice and never take for granted is the way I’m treated at Chiropractic USA. From Dr. Justin Steinhauser to Heidi to Megan…..you know for a fact they all love their jobs, genuinely care about you and always make you feel heard. If you are looking for a chiropractor that really cares and is incredibly knowledgeable, this is the place to go.”

– Carla Witty

Best chiropractor ever!

– Jackie Hill

“4 years ago I was concerned about my future because of my back problems. Then I found Chiropractic USA. Not only have my back problems been remedied, but I went through two pregnancies with minimal back pain. Both of my deliveries were fast and my chiropractic care after delivery helped me recover quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Justin and the care he provides for all of his patients.”

– Lindsey Cotner

Bringing my teenage son to Dr. Justin’s clinic has changed his life!He has complained about knee pain, ankle pain (we were told he had planters fasciitis), back pain and head aches for quite a few years. He has always been active in sports; he was told to wear heel cups, given many medicines to help with the pain and been sent to specialists. The headaches (migraines) we soon found out were becoming so severe due to chronic sinusitis that he had missed over 20 days of school in one semester. After just several visits to Dr. Justin, his symptoms were fading. He will now tell you he feels a million times better, is pain free, hasn’t had a headache in a long, long time and hasn’t missed even one day of school! We credit Dr. Justin for helping my son live life without paint and drugs!

– Carla

I began to see Justin about six months after my husband and I had been trying to conceive our second child. When I received my first evaluation, one of the things I found interesting was infertility and not ovulating were symptoms of my trouble areas. I was seeing Justin twice a week for a couple months before we conceived. During my first pregnancy I did not have any chiropractic care. I had morning sickness from week six until the morning of labor. It was the worst during the first trimester, but it was like clock work every morning at 7 am. I tried everything under the sun, but nothing worked. I also experienced the erratic sleeping, the aching back and hips, and all normal pains of pregnancy. I thought having never been pregnant before that it was all really typical. So I really didn’t complain because in the end I had the most beautiful little girl. I didn’t understand those women who say being pregnant was the most wonderful time of their life. So when it came time to have my second child, I was not eager to feel terrible for a year. Midway through the first trimester the morning sickness started. Justin recommended an organic prenatal vitamin. I also continued to see him about twice a week through out my pregnancy. During the second trimester the morning sickness stopped. Aside from the morning sickness, my pregnancy was completely different. I was sleeping great and I had lots of energy, especially for a pregnant woman. I just finally began to experience pregnancy that so many women talk about thanks to my chiropractic care. During my entire pregnancy Justin was amazing, from suggesting exercises to help with delivery to relaxation techniques for a calmer atmosphere during labor. Normally going to a doctor is a chore, but going to see Justin became a bright spot during my week. His professionalism and advice was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Justin to anyone, but especially pregnant women.

– Amanda

Dr. Justin,I have been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to take care for me on the weekend; I was in so much pain. Thank you for adjusting me and thank you for coming to my house when I couldn’t drive, it was so nice of you to offer that. You are a great adjuster……what a blessing you’ve been. With special thanks!

– Reggie S.

Its News Year’s Eve, 2006 And I feel old and depressed….I have to make some changes in my life.  Family and friends keep saying that we are getting too old to do the things like we use too.  It’s time toa. Hire it done

b. Have the kids bail us out

c. Move to the city!

Well, moving to the city….not yet!  Hiring someone to do the things you love to do is just nonsense….and if we have to rely on our busy kids to bail us out whenever we get behind in the yard work, etc….then it’s time to move to the city….Not yet!

After a suggestion from my husband to “down size” the yard, I attended the Home and Garden Show on St. Patrick’s Day,2007 to look for ideas to keep the yard attractive, but eliminate some of the “hand weeding” that I love to do and maybe a water attraction that didn’t take so much work…..!

That’s the day Dr. Justin and the Pro Adjuster came into my life.

At the end of the aisle Dr. Justin caught my eye and this interesting machine he had.  My Grandson and I decided to try it out.  What an interesting experience!

I signed up for the promotion he was offering, knowing that I probably wouldn’t follow through….little did I know what was in store for me!

It is not December 30, 2007 and I am looking forward to my summer in the yard.

I am downsizing some, but will keep a lot of my flower garden so I can do my “hand weeding”….and we will install a water feature (without fish)

In the last year Dr. J, (as I sometimes call him)has worked on my hands, feet, sinus’s and even treated my cold sores….which was amazing in itself.

  1.  I can get out of the bathtub…without rolling over and crawling out (which is a sight you don’t really want to see).
  2. My arm, hands and legs no longer fall “asleep” at night.
  3. My jimmy legs have disappeared.
  4. I haven’t had a cold since April and I usually get a couple a year.
  5. I enjoy walking more.
  6. I can get up off the floor or the ground, without a forklift.
  7. I can ride in the car for more than a couple of hours without pain in my back.  We took our first vacation in years and drove over 3.000 miles.

8.9.10.   The most important thing, I can get down with the grandkids and play….!

Dr. J as a person is one of the nicest around.  He adores his family, participates in community causes and has more passion for his work than I have seen for a very long time.  He wants the world to know that you don’t have to feel sick or tired.  The body was designed to work right; we just need a little help sometimes.

Dr. J. has never made me feel as if I couldn’t talk to him about any of my problems that I might be having.  For women, this is a big issue, especially when dealing with a much younger man.

I hate exercise, but I will admit that the stretching exercise is a very important part of the program.  Dr. J and the Pro Adjuster is a marvelous new way to help our body help itself.

Thanks Dr. J for a great year with you and all the new friends that I met at your office.

Sometimes it was like a “little’coffee clutch” there.  I am looking forward to 2008 with you and of course the Pro Adjuster.

– Carol T.

I have suffered chronic neck and back pain for 33 years, and headaches for 23 years as a result of three falls and years spent working at the computer. I took Aleve and Tylenol together to deal with the severe pain at times. For a while I took prescription medication for migraine – type headaches as needed, but stopped because of side effects. A few times I was so ill with migraine headaches that I had to go to the emergency room and get shots to stop the nausea and deal with the extreme pain.Six months ago I became worse after a long car ride. X-rays showed a couple of slipped and herniated disks in my neck. A Chiropractor agreed to work with me on a trail basis, but he thought I might need surgery because it was such a severe and complex case.
I wanted to avoid surgery, so I went to my Chiropractic treatments five times a week for two months. Progress was slow but steady. I continued Chiropractic treatments 3 times a week for two more months. Progress was slow but steady for awhile, but I still needed more help.

My Chiropractor referred me to Dr. Justin Steinhauser, indicating that Dr. Justin had different equipment and a somewhat different approach that would be likely to help me make more progress than we were able to make at the point If I kept going to that office.

He was right! Dr. Justin was able to offer different forms of Chiropractic treatments that proved to be exactly what I needed and I made more progress. He has many different “tools in his arsenal” as he says, so if one thing doesn’t work he tries something else. His corrections are very specific to the exact spot where the correction is needed. I am doing much better and need much less (if any) pain medicine. Most days I need none of it!

– Carolyn

I am a 29 yr. old female that has suffered with migraines, lower back pain, and high blood pressure for several years. The headaches alone have been going on for 10+ years and over the last 3 years have progressed to migraines. I have seen 4 doctors for these problems; each of which changed all my medications. None of which were a permanent fix. Eventually I just got tired of taking all these different meds. Some made me tired and grouchy at work and at home. Some of the meds made me sick. So I just figured I was just going to have headaches on a regular basis. I tried changing my diet, avoiding foods containing MSG, and took 2 tablets of Excedrin 3-4 times a day. Eventually as the headaches and lower back pain persisted it made my job more and more difficult. I spent a lot of time in my office with the lights off. I was not very productive. Mid December 2008, Dr. Steinhauser did a free scan in our office and told me that he could help with my health issues. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical at first, but figured, what I have to lose. I started my 3x a week adjustments in late December 2008. I started noticing a big difference within the first 2 weeks. I have also started using a traction wedge at home 5-7 times a week; sometimes even falling asleep on it. Each week I see more and more improvements. I am so grateful to Dr. Steinhauser for helping me achieve a life without headaches and lower back pain.

– Mandy K.

I had suffered back & shoulder pain off and on for a few years. After we had started packing boxes for our move, my lower back had really started give me pains. It hurt to even get up from a seat, and after a long night of sleep it was tough to stand up. This was affecting my work, chores around the home, playtime with the children and other daily activities. I was at the point I could not take it any longer. I have never considered going to a chiropractor, in fact I was even nervous about the thought of it. I met Dr. Steinhauser at one of this Free Scan displays. He seemed honest and caring, and I was hurting. He gave me a scan, explained it to me, and one week later I had an appointment for a full evaluation. I started to notice a change right away! Granted, I still get stiff after a hard day of work, but nothing I was going through before. My over-all health has improved as well. I have more energy, I ‘m sick less often, and in better spirits. Talking with Dr. Steinhauser that day (18 months ago) was one of the best health decisions I have made. I look forward to coming in once a week for an adjustment. I also now have the pelvic-foot stabilizers for my shoes. I highly recommend these also. I have had them for 2 weeks and noticed a huge difference when exercising and walking.

– Mike D.